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Strahl Beverageware for Your Patio

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The Feeling & Luxury of Glass, the Durability & Convenience of Plastic

Oh yes, we’ve all been there: you’re on the deck enjoying a nice dinner when your child drops their glass. SMASH- there’s pieces everywhere! Just like that your patio went from a pleasure-palace to a minefield- ouch!

Many people dislike drinking and eating out of plastic plateware. We get it- it can alter the taste of food, get marked up easily (and look worn prematurely), and otherwise detract from a fine outdoor meal. If only there was a better way…

All the Benefits of Glass, None of the Drawbacks

Go ahead, drop your Strahl glass on the floor. Feeling a little bravado? Give it a good heave- we don’t mind. If you’re dealing with some frustrations, pay a visit to our showroom and toss a few pieces around.

Strahl won’t break, period. Made using an innovative form of polycarbonate, Strahl beverageware is designed to survive the worst that you can throw at them.

Goblets, Tumblers, & Wine… Oh My!

The days of “one glass fits all” are firmly behind us (at least, when it comes to the patio)! We carry a full selection of glassware from Strahl. Whether you’re looking for to wine and dine, sip on a cocktail, or dabble in a martini or two, you’ll find patio-ready beverageware perfect for the job.

Dishwasher Safe

What would the point of ultimate convenience be if it had to be hand washed? Blasphemy, we say! We scoff at such notions!

Your new Strahl beverageware is guaranteed dishwasher safe for at least 2,000 cycles (hot or cold). Their patented and proprietary design means that they’ll only show minimal micro scratches (not visible under normal usage conditions)- go ahead, toss them in the dishwasher and see for yourself!

Looks Like Glass

Patioline Strahl Beverageware Looks Like Glass

Light Weight

Patioline Strahl Beverageware Light Weight

Won't Break

Patioline Strahl Beverageware Won't Break