Patio Umbrellas - Cantilever & Market Style In SW Calgary
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Patio Umbrellas – Cantilever & Market Style

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Providing Calgary a Better, More Robust Patio Umbrella

When most people think of a patio umbrella, they think of a flimsy mess of nylon and metal- umbrellas that fall over in the wind, get easily bent out of shape, and look horrid after just a season or two. Hey, we get it.

At Patioline, we carry patio umbrellas that will stand the test of time. We proudly carry both cantilever and market-style umbrellas from market-leaders like Treasure Garden.

Keep the Wind in Your Sails

With sturdy construction in your choice of either aluminum or wood, you can feel confident knowing that your patio umbrella won’t buckle under the force of Calgary’s seemingly-perpetual winds.

Most poles measure 1.5” in diameter for strength and durability. Most canvasses are single or double-vented to ensure that air can move as needed.

Accessorize Your Life

Add built-in energy-efficient LED lighting, tray tables, and other accessories that will help maximize the convenience and accessibility of your umbrella. When you choose a patio umbrella from Patioline to provide shade and comfort to your patio, the options for customization are endless!

Umbrellas, By the Numbers

  • Coverage ranges from 45 sq ft to over 140 sq ft!
  • Choose from a variety of shapes
  • Pick a vent style that fits your requirements
  • Secure your umbrella with a variety of bases and mounting options
  • Cantilever and market-style, whichever suits you best!

Find Your Perfect Match

We carry a selection of umbrellas in nearly any colour combination you can think of! Choose from a selection of finishes for the pole and hardware, and pick a canvas colour that really pops! Our diverse selection will ensure you find something that pleases your palette.

We can help with sizing, location, and placement.

Complete Luxury

Patioline Catilever & Market Style Umbrellas Complete Luxury

Rain And Shine

Patioline Catilever & Market Style Umbrellas Rain And Shine

Easy To Lift

Patioline Catilever & Market Style Umbrellas Easy To Lift