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Never Fear for Your Patio Cushions Again

It’s 10 pm on a cool spring evening. You’re sitting by the fire when you hear the telltale signal of an incoming storm – CRACK – as the thunder rolls in. With it, torrential rain and blowing winds. You pause for a moment to peel the dog from the curtains when you see it: your patio furniture – and cushions – getting bombarded by rain.

You panic- your cushions, will they survive the night?! It takes a moment before the unmistakable feeling of relief washes over you: you made sure to buy your cushions and throw pillows from Patioline, and they’re made for this kind of weather. Ahh…

Rain or Shine, They Don’t Mind

Taking care of your patio cushions doesn’t have to be the inside/outside song and dance that you’re used to. Unlike cheaply-made cushions found in sub-par sets, the cushions and pillows you’ll find at Patioline are designed for the outdoors.

If it rains, hails, snows, or sleets, don’t pay your pillows any mind- they’re having a great time outside!

Easy to Clean

Our premium pillows are designed with weather in mind. They’ll get wet, frozen, muddy, and murky… and they’ll get clean just as easily. A light wash jin a dish soap/warm water solution is all that’s needed to bring your pillows back to their brand-new appearance.

Mold, Mildew, Stain, & UV Resistant

The ultimate it pillow-perfection comes with a host of benefits, the least of which being their perfect-protection from provocative-pathogens (hey, we’re ambassadors of alliteration).

The cushions and pillows you’ll find in our showroom are designed to withstand weathering from the sun and to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. A better looking, healthier pillow with no drawbacks? Only at Patioline.


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