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A Fire Table is an Elegant Way to Add Form & Function to Your Patio

In Calgary, a fire table is a solid year-round investment. It’s a boon on chilly spring, fall, and winter evenings, and it’s a conversation starter on those cool summer evenings.

At Patioline, it’s no secret that we’re always ready for a patio-party. We have our fire tables – which can be fuelled by natural gas or propane – on standby, ready to heat up your next outdoor function!

Suitable for nearly any engagement and application, a fire table is a wonderful alternative to a wood-burning fire pit that offers real versatility. Use it as a fire pit replacement, a warm addition to your patio, or a coffee table (with a unique ability to keep your coffee nice and hot). No matter how you intend to use it, a clean-burning fire table is sure to be a great addition to your patio.

As Hot as You Want to Be

We have fire tables that range in heat performance from 15,000 BTU to 90,000 BTU. Similar to how a BBQ is rated, the higher the BTU, the more heat produced by the fire table.

If you’re unsure of what BTU output is suitable for your patio, one of our patio experts will be happy to learn more about your needs and make a recommendation.

Copper fire bowls

Hand made in Turkey, exclusive to Patioline.

Safe & Convenient

As a replacement for a traditional wood-burning fire pit, a fire table has several advantages:

  • They’re safe, with multiple safety mechanisms built into each fire table to ensure that they don’t cause any accidents
  • They can be fuelled by either natural gas or liquid propane (the same kind that you’d use for your BBQ)
  • They are clean burning, producing minimal (if any) smoke- you won’t go inside smelling like a bonfire!
  • They’re easier to maintain and clean (who wants to shovel ash from a fire pit, anyway?)
  • Recessed and covered burners not only protect the burner, but your family as well


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