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Premium Dining Under the Stars With the Comforts of Home

Calgarians love to frequent the patio- all it takes to confirm this fact is a trip down 17th Ave on a nice summer’s evening. Tired of waiting in line for a seat under the stars? Why not put Calgary’s best patio right in your backyard!

Our outdoor dining furniture sets the standard for quality and convenience. Our patio consultants will help you pick the perfect combination of style, materials, and value. You really can have it all when you choose an outdoor dining set from Patioline!

Choose From the Best Materials

The first rule when choosing something that will last is picking the right materials. In our showroom you’ll find a healthy selection of outdoor dining furniture in a variety of Calgary-tested and approved materials: teak, aluminum, wrought iron, and grade-316 stainless steel.

If you’re looking for something that compliments the outdoors, teak is the material for you! Unlike other woods, teak is rich in natural oils that keep it from splintering or rotting over time. Not only that, but as teak ages it develops a beautiful and unmistakable patina- gorgeous!
Looking for something a bit more rustic? Wrought iron furniture retains a classic style that simply can’t be matched. Made from high quality metals and built with obsessive attention to detail, a wrought iron dining table from Patioline is the ticket!
How about contemporary design and style? There’s nothing like aluminum or 316 stainless steel to bring a modern touch to your patio. Stylish, comfortable, and (like everything else we carry) built to survive and thrive in Calgary’s climate, our selection of aluminum and stainless steel dining furniture is hard to beat!

Complete Sets or Individual Pieces- What’s Your Flavour?

If your outdoor dining room just needs a few finishing touches, you can find them in our showroom! Looking for a complete dining set? We have those, too!

Great for Entertaining

Patioline Outdoor Dining Furniture Great for Entertaining

Bring Family Together

Patioline Outdoor Dining Furniture Bring Family Together

Focal Point Of Your Patio

Patioline Outdoor Dining Furniture Focal Point Of Your Patio