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A Gazebo or Cabana is the Perfect Choice When You Need Permanent Shade

When a patio umbrella doesn’t quite cut it, a gazebo or cabana is the perfect option. A fixture of any fine patio, a gazebo or cabana provides a permanent setting for an intimate outdoor dining area, relaxing patio lounge, or any other outdoor space that needs a bit of protection from the elements.
At Patioline, we carry a selection of gazebos and cabanas that are made using high-quality materials and designed to last.

What to Look for in a Gazebo or Cabana

A cabana or gazebo is a stylish way to add weather protection and style to your patio. If you’re considering adding one to your outdoor space, look for:

Materials used – Not all metal is the same. In Calgary, blowing snow, airborne salt, rapid temperature changes, and a dry climate all take their toll on inferior metals. Make sure your gazebo is made of the right stuff to survive and thrive in Calgary’s cooky climate.

Look for quality wood, like bamboo or cedar, or metals that are strong and rust resistant (such as aluminum).

Strength – It’s not often that Calgary gets gale-force winds, but Calgary does receive almost continuous airflow. It’s not uncommon for a chinook to blow in at speeds north of 70 km/hr. A quality gazebo or cabana from Patioline is sure to survive the worst that Calgary can throw at it!
Canopy – When you live in a city known to reside in “hail alley”, having a high quality canopy is essential. Hail can decimate a lower-quality canopy and turn a nice gazebo or cabana into a warzone.

At Patioline, we ensure that our canopies are rugged and able to survive hail, sleet, snow, temperature changes, and anything else Calgary can throw at them.

A Gazebo for Where? Everywhere!

Cover your patio, BBQ, hot tub, lounge area, and anywhere else that could benefit from a bit of shade. If you’re not sure if a gazebo or cabana is right for you, just ask one of our patio consultants! We’re the experts when it comes to building the perfect patio!