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Essential Accessories for Your Patio

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Lighting, Storage, Convenience, & More

If your family is the type that enjoys spending long days and warm evenings outside on the patio, you know the value of having your patio equipped to be enjoyed. If you’re already lounging in one of our luxe chairs or dining in your outdoor dining room, you already know how comfortable and convenient the right furniture makes your patio.

Kick your comfort up a notch and stock your patio with accessories designed to survive and thrive in Calgary’s cooky climate.


We carry a range of outdoor lighting options, ranging from lights that mount to your patio umbrellas to freestanding units that complement your theme. Our energy-efficient LED lighting sips electricity while providing years of illumination- all the while enduring the worst that Calgary throws at them.


There’s more to patio storage than bulky plastic containers and sets that look like they were made by Fisher Price. At Patioline, we think that it’s high time that the storage stereotypes got put away for good (see what we did there?).

Planters & Outdoor Silk Plants

Take your outdoor experience a step further and incorporate planters and fauna into your patio! We carry a selection of planters and window boxes that will bring an unmistakable ambiance to your patio.


Patioline Lighting, Storage, & Plants Ambience


Patioline Lighting, Storage, & Plants Beauty

Set The Mood

Patioline Lighting, Storage, & Plants Set The Mood