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Outdoor Coffee & Side Tables, Made for Calgary

Calgary is a unique place to live. For the 1.1+ million of us that live here, we’re used to Calgary’s rapid “mood swings” and drastic changes in weather… but that doesn’t mean that many of the products we buy are.

At Patioline, we’ve obsessively hunted for tables that will not only survive Calgary’s crazy climate, but thrive. We’ve found tables that live for snow, lambast humidity, and flourish in freezing temperatures. How did we do that? It was easy- we just looked for brands that use the right stuff!

Materials Meant for the Cold

Even in the middle of summer, Calgary can get pretty chilly. At Patioline, we’ve exclusively chosen furniture that is made from materials proven to endure Calgary (Chinooks and all).

Teak ages beautifully and develops an unmistakable patina over time (as it is exposed to sunlight). It also is chalk-full of oils and lubricants that prevent it from drying out in Calgary’s arid climate.
Aluminum tables are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and strong. It won’t buckle under pressure, cave under the weight of a snow drift, or rust after the first snowfall.
Stainless steel tables, made using grade-316 steel, provides contemporary style with excellent strength and durability. The stainless steel used in our outdoor tables is the same grade of steel used in marine applications nuclear processing plants- it won’t rust when exposed to a little salt.
Wicker tables feature unmistakable style while retaining all of the benefits you can expect from high quality wicker: light weight, durability, and comfort.

Choose Your Style

Whether you need a large coffee table for your lounge area, a bistro table to compliment your high-top chairs, or a side table to complete your outdoor living room, we carry a full selection of outdoor tables that are perfect for the job.

Looks Amazing

Patioline Coffee & Side Tables Looks Amazing

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Patioline Coffee & Side Tables Last Forever


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