Umbrellas & Cantilevers


Residential & Commercial cantilever and Market Style Umbrellas

Our umbrellas are specifically designed to withstand the test of time. WE proudly carry cantilever and market style umbrellas from world class brands such as Frankford Umbrellas and Treasure Garden. From square to rectangle to octagon, we have a large selection to suit your needs and style. Looking for that perfect colour & size, come in and see our wonderful selection.

Come in and see for yourself our shade options first hand.

Frankford Umbrellas are built for harsh conditions but made for your relaxation. With 121 years of expertise, Frankford offers superior quality, durability, and longevity.

Whether you’re looking for modern designs or a classical look, you can’t go wrong with these well-built and stylish umbrellas and cantilevers.

Products include:
11’ Aurora Octagon Cantilever
13’ Eclipse Octagon Cantilever
10’ Eclipse Square Cantilever
7.5’-10’ Monterey Auto Tilt Umbrella
8’x10’ Rectangular Umbrella

All products come with a 10-year no-fade warranty and 5-year frame warranty. Come discover the perfect addition to your backyard.

Handcrafted quality and innovative technology meet with Treasure Garden Cantilevers. Products are built to last with a 2-year residential warranty for frames and 4-year no-fade warranty for canopies and umbrellas.

Products include:
11’ Octagon Cantilever
13’ Octagon Cantilever

Treasure Garden Cantilevers provide a more cost-effective solution to your sun protection needs. Plenty of colours and LED lighting solutions will help you make your backyard your paradise.

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