Fire Accessories



Premium Fire Glass isn’t just beautiful to look at, it’s also extremely practical. Use Premium Fire Glass to cover the entire floor of the fire feature to hide any unseemly pies or tubes that are often visible in gas fireplaces & fire pits.

Fire Glass is manufactured to withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures without sustaining any damage or discoloration. It also does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke, soot, or ash.

Premium Fire Glass can be used in fireplaces & fire pits both indoor & outdoor, in landscaping, aquariums, & even in art projects! The maintenance is also little-to-none with just a simple rinse of a 50:50 water/vinegar mix.

Glass wind guards are a great addition to your fire table especially in windy areas as they keep your flame from blowing out or blowing around. Made of heat tempered glass, they are a stylish addition to compliment to your fire table. They are a simple and very effective solution to the problem of a wind blown flame.

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