Outdoor Dining & Bar


Premium Dining Under the Stars with the Comforts of Home

People love to gather on patios—just walk down 17th Ave in the summertime and you’ll see it for yourself! If you are tired of waiting for a seat under the stars, why not put the best patio right in your own backyard?

Our outdoor dining and bar sets blend exceptional quality and comfort. Trust our experienced staff to help you choose the perfect combination of style, materials, and value. You really can have it all with an outdoor dining set from Patioline. Come in and see for yourself our fine furniture first hand!

Buying an outdoor dining or bar set made from the right materials helps ensure that your new patio furniture will last for years to come. Our showroom contains an incredible variety of furniture including teak, marine grade stainless steel, aluminum and wrought iron.

Teak is the ideal material for homeowners who want their patio furniture to complement the outdoors. Unlike other woods, teak is a hardwood that contains natural oils that prevent it from deteriorating over time. Best of all teak actually looks better the longer you have it since it develops a gorgeous natural patina as it ages.

Aluminum is perfect for traditional, transitional or modern environments. It comes either in full cast or extruded styles. Pure high-quality aluminum is very durable and never rusts and our powder coating is guaranteed to last for years. Aluminum is available in a variety of hues so having it fit into your colour and style is very easy to accomplish.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel brings a contemporary flair or modern touch to your outdoor living space. Stainless steel creates a style that is gorgeous to look at, yet comfortable to sit in and the longevity is second to none. You will be the envy of your neighbors.

Wrought Iron has timeless extravagance and a classic visual appeal. The best wrought iron patio furniture is powder coated to ensure the test of time. It is versatile, durable, heavy comfortable and available in many shades.

Looking for a few select pieces to finish your outdoor patio set? Visit our showroom and select exactly what you need. Trying to find a complete dining set instead? Speak to one of our experienced staff members, and let them help you choose the ideal package.

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