Coffee & Side Tables


Outdoor Coffee & Side Tables

Our inventory of coffee and side tables comes in many sizes, shapes and materials. We have everything from traditional to contemporary to suit all personalities. Come in and see our selection today!

The materials in our outdoor coffee and side tables are ideal for a wide range of temperatures and other environmental conditions.

Teak ages beautifully, developing a unique and beautiful patina when exposed to sunlight over time. It also contains natural oils and lubricants that prevent it from rotting in the snow or drying out and splitting in dry air.

Aluminum is a strong, durable and corrosive resistant material often used in outdoor patio furniture. The benefit of using aluminum is it can be powder coated in many different hues to suit all environments.

Marine Grade Stainless steel tables offer an attractive combination of strength and contemporary style.

Wicker patio furniture is lightweight and comfortable, making it a popular choice for patio furniture with many homeowners. High-quality wicker products—like what we carry—offer excellent durability, making them suitable for Calgary weather when cared for properly.

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