Aluminum Patio Furniture


Luxurious, Durable Aluminum Furniture

Aluminum is a designer’s dream, offering endless diversity when it comes to shapes, styles and configurations. We’ve taken the most innovative and thoughtful products we can find and brought them directly to our showroom so you can enjoy some of the best aluminum patio furniture on the market.

Come in and see for yourself our fine furniture first hand.

Patioline has selected only the strongest, most robust aluminum pieces for our collections. Low maintenance requirements make aluminum a perfect outdoor furniture choice.

Aluminum is perfect for traditional, transitional or modern environments. It comes either in full cast or extruded styles. Pure high-quality aluminum is very durable and never rusts and our powder coating is guaranteed to last for years. Aluminum is available in a variety of hues so having it fit into your colour and style is very easy to accomplish.

Our warranties on aluminum patio furniture are up to 15 years so you can feel comfortable and confident in your investment.

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