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Granite Table Tops

Granite: A Strong Material with a Wealth of Choices!

Granite is a beautiful form of coarse-grained rock found in a myriad of colours, often with metallic flecks or ribbons of colour. There is a range of textures available, giving you an abundance of choices to go with your decor. Granite is extremely hard and tough, standing up to even the most brutal Calgary weather. This combination of durable and elegant make polished granite slabs a perfect material for outdoor furniture.

Custom Made For You

When you order a granite table top, we make it just the way you want it. Choose from a variety of Troptitone table frames, pick out your granite, and we will custom cut the stone to fit your table. This makes your table completely unique to you. Not only that, we’ll have it delivered and installed!

Get exactly the look you want, in a material that withstands the elements.

Visually-Stunning Outdoor Dining

Granite slab is guaranteed to make an impression. The rock is actually formed from a collection of crystals, including quartz, mica, and feldspar, among others. This means you have a variety of colours like greens, pinks, browns, black, reds, yellows, blues and everything in between! Textures range from light to dark and solid to speckled.

Granite has a natural look that truly never goes out of style.

Why Granite?

  • Since granite is a rock, it is extremely scratch and damage resistant
  • Easy to clean, just use your favourite all-purpose cleaner
  • No need for trivets and coasters, granite is heat resistant
  • Sealed granite does not absorb liquids, making it stain resistant
  • This timeless material goes with any decor and never looks dated.

Timeless Beauty

Patioline Granite Table Top Sets Timeless Beauty

Luxurious Finish

Patioline Granite Table Top Sets Luxurious Finish

Natural Durability

Patioline Granite Table Top Sets Natural Durability

Granite Tabletops We Carry