FAQs About Patioline in Calgary

Since Patioline provides customizations for your new furniture, many factors will change the price. To capture your unique personality, we offer options such as fabric selections that are graded differently and will change the price of items you may want. Our sales team is ready to assist you in creating the perfect look for your patio.

Patioline provides local and out-of-town deliveries for an additional fee. We also offer a white glove delivery service in Calgary.

Yes, we do! We work with companies that ship to many areas. Once we have your order palletized, wrapped, measured, and weighed, we can estimate a shipping cost for you.

You can contact our delivery team directly at:

Phone: 587-892-3625

Email: [email protected]

At Patioline, we outsource our deliveries so our in-house team can focus on getting your order prepared correctly.

We’re a locally owned and operated business with just one location at 6227 Centre Street South, Calgary, AB. We are located just behind the Chinook LRT station and down one block south towards the Glenmore overpass. Patioline has been serving Alberta for 15+ years.

You can view our brands to check out all of our affiliated companies. All of our vendors are from Canada and the USA.

Yes, there needs to be at least one adult home to receive your delivery.

It’s important to measure your space before ordering any furniture to see what will fit. When setting up the delivery, it’s the clients’ responsibility to ensure the items will fit through any doorways needed to get it onto your patio. This is especially important if the delivery team has to go through your home to reach your deck.

We do have a consultation service for an additional fee of $250. With this service, we’ll measure your area to determine what furniture will fit properly on your deck.

Feel Free to Contact Us

If you have any inquiries that aren’t included on our list of FAQs, our team is more than happy to answer your specific questions. Contact or visit us today!

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