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A patio furniture set with a light coloured umbrella set up in a backyard

June 2, 2023

Should You Choose a Dark or Light-Coloured Patio Umbrella?

Selecting a patio umbrella can be a pivotal decision for the overall look and atmosphere of your space. While the colour of the fabric certainly plays a role in its impact, opting for quality materials means you can achieve good air flow and sun protection regardless of the colour you choose. The great news about […]

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A light blue Eclipse 13' Octagon Cantilever Umbrella set up beside an outdoor pool on a warm summers day

June 16, 2022

How To Choose a Patio Umbrella

Choosing a patio umbrella can be one of the most enlightening parts of crafting your dream outdoor space. Determining the right design, shape, size, and material for your patio umbrella makes all the difference in bringing life and functionality to your space. Umbrellas vs. Cantilevers There are two options when it comes to your patio […]

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A white patio furniture set under the hot sun on a summer's day protected by a large white umbrella, surrounded by plants

May 16, 2022

How to Prevent Sun Fading for Outdoor Furniture

Imagine you’ve prepared everything you need for your next neighbourhood BBQ. The meat is marinating, the salads are being tossed, and the only thing left to do is set up your outdoor furniture. But when you pull out your cushions, they aren’t as bright as last summer. The colour is uneven and spotty in many […]

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Cleaning your umbrella is essential for making it last longer.

August 26, 2020

Help Your Patio Umbrella Last Longer

It’s summertime! Get ready for cookouts on the patio, lounging by a fire, and dozing away afternoons on your beautiful and comfortable patio furniture. But with sunny summer days comes the need for shade, which is where your trusty patio umbrella will come in handy. However, if you’ve left your umbrella out during the frigid […]

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