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A person's hand as they manually scrub a rug with a thick-bristled brush and soapy water.

August 1, 2023

How to Clean an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor carpets have become increasingly popular for their ability to enhance the design and ambiance of outdoor spaces.  These versatile rugs can add a touch of style and provide comfort and functionality, complementing the other high-quality furniture in your space. Despite being weather-resistant, cleaning them periodically is essential to maintain their appearance and durability. You […]

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A close-up of a damaged wicker chair.

February 2, 2023

How to Fix Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Accidents happen—like sudden hail storms, nosy neighbourhood critters, or out-of-bounds backyard plays—and your furniture may get damaged. Investing in quality material and following proper care instructions can help avoid damage and make fixing accidental damage easier. But what can you do when your wicker gets nicked? It depends on the material and the amount of […]

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A St. Lucia outdoor patio furniture set including a two and three-seat sofa with navy cushions around a small table in the middle, all placed poolside

February 18, 2022

What Kind of Patio Furniture Is Most Durable?

When you’re looking for a beautiful patio set to match your home and garden, what are the things you’re thinking about? Is it the colour of the set? Is it the number of pieces the set includes? Is it the size? No matter what you may be looking for, we know there is always one […]

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A teak outdoor patio furniture set with four chairs with bright red cushions surrounding a table

What to Look for When Buying Patio Furniture

So, you’re in the market for some new patio furniture? That’s fantastic!  Furniture is the best way to make the most of your patio space. But it’s essential to know that not all patio furniture is made equal, especially when you’re outfitting your particular patio area. Patio furniture comes in so many brands, materials, colours, […]

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A person wearing blue rubber gloves using a sponge with soapy water to clean their dirty, wooden outdoor patio furniture

January 14, 2022

How Do You Clean Patio Furniture?

You’ve put the meat on the BBQ, made the potato salad, put ice in the cooler, and invited your friends over for some outdoor entertainment. But, when you go to set the table, you discover the patio furniture is filthy. What now? Well, you wouldn’t invite friends over for dinner to have them sit at […]

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Uncovered patio furniture getting damaged from winter weather

July 29, 2021

The Best Ways to Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

We get all kinds of winter weather in Calgary: cold temperatures, warm Chinook winds, months of dry air, slush, and deep snow. While your outdoor furniture may be designed to last an incredibly long time, it’s a good idea to protect it from the winter weather.  From patio sets, dining tables, coffee tables, and lounge […]

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A close up on an outdoor ambient light hanging over a patio

June 25, 2021

The Best Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Building your perfect patio takes time and is not completed by adding just one piece. Whether you have patio furniture or an umbrella, there is one detail that always seems to take a patio to the next level, outdoor lighting.  Not only do outdoor lights allow you to stay outside longer on those warm summer […]

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A close up of an orange and white outdoor cushion placed on patio furniture

How to Make Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions Last Longer

We all want to be able to spend time outside comfortably. Enjoying the nice weather with friends or family makes for a pretty nice weekend! When enjoying time outdoors, there’s nothing more important than having the right patio cushions for you and your guests.  Many people hold back on buying patio furniture because they think […]

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September 16, 2020

How to Prevent Critters from Making Homes out of Your Patio Furniture

It’s hard to beat the summer experience of having a full patio set, including seating, lounging furniture, gazebos or cabanas, and even planters and storage. You can enjoy the outdoors with the almost the same comfort of living indoors, the more of it you have. But even if you keep it simple and stick to […]

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Cleaning your umbrella is essential for making it last longer.

August 26, 2020

Help Your Patio Umbrella Last Longer

It’s summertime! Get ready for cookouts on the patio, lounging by a fire, and dozing away afternoons on your beautiful and comfortable patio furniture. But with sunny summer days comes the need for shade, which is where your trusty patio umbrella will come in handy. However, if you’ve left your umbrella out during the frigid […]

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