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A person's hand as they manually scrub a rug with a thick-bristled brush and soapy water.

August 1, 2023

How to Clean an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor carpets have become increasingly popular for their ability to enhance the design and ambiance of outdoor spaces.  These versatile rugs can add a touch of style and provide comfort and functionality, complementing the other high-quality furniture in your space. Despite being weather-resistant, cleaning them periodically is essential to maintain their appearance and durability. You […]

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A close up of orange and yellow patterned throw pillows on an outdoor bench with a blue, striped cushion underneath the pillows.

July 4, 2023

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Throw Pillows

Outdoor throw pillows can be an effortless and affordable way to accessorize your patio or deck. These versatile additions can provide extra comfort and allow you to switch up your outdoor space’s look as often as you’d like. When selecting your outdoor throw pillows, you can achieve a harmonious and stylish outdoor space by carefully […]

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A patio furniture set with a light coloured umbrella set up in a backyard

June 2, 2023

Should You Choose a Dark or Light-Coloured Patio Umbrella?

Selecting a patio umbrella can be a pivotal decision for the overall look and atmosphere of your space. While the colour of the fabric certainly plays a role in its impact, opting for quality materials means you can achieve good air flow and sun protection regardless of the colour you choose. The great news about […]

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Close-up of a copper fire pit outdoors with burning wood.

May 1, 2023

The Benefits of Choosing a Copper Fire Pit

As the weather warms up and the sun shines brighter, it’s the perfect time to bring your friends and family outside for a backyard barbecue or a night under the stars. Once the sun goes down and the temperatures start to drop, you’ll need a reliable heat source to keep everyone comfortable.  While traditional and […]

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A modern open outdoor kitchen with dining tables and chairs in a garden setting.

April 24, 2023

Modern Backyard Ideas: Your Outdoor Furniture Guide

Where do you get ideas from when you’re designing your patio or backyard? Finding inspiration can sometimes feel like a daunting task. So, what’s the best way to start? Modern trends are a great place to start for fantastic, interesting features and furniture. An understanding of the latest trends can give you a starting point […]

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A small deck with patio furniture arranged in a way that doesn't overcrowd the area

March 1, 2023

10 Tips for Arranging Patio Furniture on a Small Deck

Planning furniture layouts and decor for small decks can feel limiting without a few tips to make the most of the space. No matter the size of your patio or deck, we want to help you maximize your space so you can enjoy your setup. When choosing patio furniture, you can make the most out […]

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A close-up of a damaged wicker chair.

February 2, 2023

How to Fix Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Accidents happen—like sudden hail storms, nosy neighbourhood critters, or out-of-bounds backyard plays—and your furniture may get damaged. Investing in quality material and following proper care instructions can help avoid damage and make fixing accidental damage easier. But what can you do when your wicker gets nicked? It depends on the material and the amount of […]

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Tables and chairs made from teak on a brick patio.

What’s the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture?

When you’re choosing outdoor furniture, you want your choice to last. You’re committing to a look and a lifestyle. Investing in quality materials can ensure you’ll enjoy many seasons over many years with your furniture.  Still, the highest quality teak material offers different benefits from the highest quality stainless steel. Therefore, the best material for […]

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A fire table surrounded by patio furniture to add warmth to the space

January 4, 2023

Can You Put a Fire Table on a Wood Deck?

Fire tables are a year-round investment. They can provide a convenient and comfortable way to add warmth and ambiance to your environment. In southern Alberta, those chilly nights are familiar, so having a fire table to achieve that level of comfort you deserve can make all the difference. Fire tables are an excellent long-term investment […]

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Set of an aluminum sofa and coffee table in the garden.

November 24, 2022

The Benefits of Aluminum Patio Furniture: What You Need to Know

Aluminum is a durable metal often used to build stunning outdoor furniture pieces. It’s usually silver, but it can be coated to suit your desired aesthetic. Its diversity of shapes, sizes, and styles makes it an excellent choice for crafting your dream outdoor space. There are countless benefits to using aluminum for your outdoor space. […]

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